10 face masks - surgical shape

10 washable and reusuable face masks, tested and guaranteed for 40 washes.

Surgical type face masks, with 3 folds and with an adjustable wire to better fit the top of the nose.

Bluebuck masks are made in our factory in Portugal, from a special synthetic fabric, which is both very breathable and which offers a high level of filtration.

Composition: 3-ply non-woven spunmelt polypropylene.

This mask was tested in a laboratory in France by the DGA (Direction Générale des Armées, which is part of the French Army).

Filtration of 3 μm micro-particles after 40 washes: 99.7 %

Each use of the mask must not exceed 4 hours. The mask must be washed at 60 degrees for a minimum of 30 minutes.

The mask comes with a detailed user notice.

For every 10 masks purchased, 10 masks will be donated to a UK charity (we will donate to Bow Food Bank and Waltham Forest Age UK).

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Personal protection face mask, can be used by the general public as well as workers in contact with the public.

This mask is not intended for use by medical staff in contact with patients.