Bluebuck, who?

BLUE speaks of the sky, the sea and the natural world as well as being a colour closely connected to purity, while the image of the antlered BUCK is one of raw masculinity. Bluebuck is a brand for the man who combines the rugged and the natural; who has a keen sense of environmental responsibility aligned with a strong sense of self.

Eco-friendly underwear with a lower carbon footprint

Our Bluebuck man takes climate change seriously. He believes he can take actions to minimize his impact on the planet.
At Bluebuck we believe this too. So at every step of our design and manufacturing process we ask ourselves: How can we minimize our carbon footprint? Bluebuck is committed to producing a truly green product.

Organic cotton for lower carbon footprint

The top-grade cotton for our underwear is organically grown, so it doesn’t use any of the synthetic fertilisers that degrade soil quality and promote the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.  Fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides produce a large amount of CO2 during their manufacture, so we simply don’t use any. 

Better organic soil quality makes soil more effective at retaining water too, cutting down on water consumption.

When the crops are ready, rather than use heavy, pollution-producing machinery to collect our cotton, all our cotton is picked by hand.

100% Made in Europe

Unlike many brands that are ‘Made in Europe’, which usually simply refers to where the product is assembled, all our components are produced in Europe. The fabric is knitted, then cut and assembled in Portugal using organic cotton sourced from Turkey. Even the finer details are produced in Europe: our waistbands are made in Austria and the labels are created in Italy.
Once assembled, all products are moved by road, which produces around 75% less CO2 than fuel- guzzling planes.

Factories powered by renewable energy

Selecting sustainable fabrics is just the start of the process in making our products.

We pride ourselves in selecting factories that use clean energy. By harnessing wind, sun and hydropower, we create Bluebuck products with a minimum impact on the environment. In fact, 80% of the electricity used in our Austrian factory and 100% in our Portuguese factory come from renewable energy sources.

To add to the mix, we are also proud that 100% of the electricity used in our London office comes from renewable sources, supplied by Ecotricity. 


Last longer. Waste less.

By design Bluebuck products are made to last longer, meaning less waste. They are extremely hardwearing, durable and reliable.

We select the very best materials available in order to ensure quality and durability.

Longevity is also woven into the very design of Bluebuck products. We don’t subscribe to collections that fall in and out of fashion over the seasons. We design all our products in classic styles that remain stylish and timeless. This means we never need to ‘clear stock’ and all our styles and colours are permanent fixtures in our collections.


Strong but gentle

Our fabrics contain 95% organic cotton cotton for a very soft touch and 5% elastane for the perfect support.

Bluebuck have designed a unique elastic waistband which contains 60% cotton, with cotton on both the outside and inside for maximum comfort on contact with skin.  Even the composition and care labels sewn inside our underwear are made of cotton, rather than the synthetic labels used by many other brands.