The Bluebuck guy

Bluebuck underwear is made for the rugged and adventurous. The Bluebuck man is unashamedly masculine; naturally sexy without trying too hard to look perfect.

The Bluebuck man is confident but doesn’t take himself too seriously, really summing up our motto ‘Life is One Big Adventure’.

Organic cotton for a lower carbon footprint

The top-grade cotton for our underwear is organically grown, so it doesn’t use any of the synthetic fertilisers that degrade soil quality and promote the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.  Fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides produce a large amount of CO2 during their manufacture, so we simply don’t use any. 

Better organic soil quality makes soil more effective at retaining water too, cutting down on water consumption.

When the crops are ready, rather than use heavy, pollution-producing machinery to collect our cotton, all our cotton is picked by hand.

100% Made in Europe

Where we choose to manufacture is also key to keeping our CO2 emissions low.  Bluebuck underwear is not just ‘made In’ Europe, which, for many other brands, simply means where the product is assembled.  All the component parts of Bluebuck underwear are produced in Europe.

When Bluebuck underwear is making its final journey to our stores, we move it by road, which produces around 75% less CO2 than fuel-guzzling planes


Factories powered by renewable energy

Our factories are based in Austria and Portugal, countries which are part-powered by ‘clean’ energy from sun, wind and water. 50% of the electricity generated in Portugal and 70% of the electricity generated in Austria come from renewable sources. 

Materials and designs that will last

Bluebuck use the very best materials to ensure quality and durability, making our underwear extremely hardwearing and reliable.  Each piece can be washed and worn multiple times, without losing any of its shape.

Bluebuck is different from other fashion brands; we aren’t interested in underwear fads that see collections fall in and out of fashion over the seasons.  Quality and durability doesn’t just run through our manufacture but through our designs too, with modern, masculine styles that won’t become obsolete as soon as they’ve been bought.  Bluebuck underwear never goes into Sale, because our range is always relevant.  We trust in our designs and, even when we introduce new styles and colours, these are permanent additions to our collection that will always be in stock.


Strong but gentle

Our fabrics contain 95% organic cotton cotton for a very soft touch and 5% elastane for the perfect support.

Bluebuck have designed a unique elastic waistband which contains 60% cotton, with cotton on both the outside and inside for maximum comfort on contact with skin.  Even the composition and size labels sewn inside our underwear are made of cotton, rather than the synthetic labels used by many other brands.